The Sidney Prize and Other Awards From the Hillman Foundation

The Sydney Prize recognizes an article every month which best exemplifies journalism that upholds principles of fairness, honesty and public service. Established by the Hillman Foundation to honor former Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America president Sidney Hillman who worked tirelessly for progressive industrial democracy; the prize honors his vision as well as those who dedicated themselves to his cause – both workers and supporters alike.

Peter Wood was awarded the 2023 prize in recognition of his work connecting art, media, literature and science. Wood has made an enduring commitment to linking physics with humanities through writings, exhibitions, lectures and outreach activities; thus winning high praise from the Selection Committee who noted both his deep engagement with humanity as well as ability to convey complex scientific concepts effectively to wide audiences.

David Brooks’ 2020 Sidney Awards honored Hilton Als and Ed Yong of The New Yorker and The Atlantic respectively, while Helen Andrews from First Things won for her emotive essay depicting online viciousness; an essay which perfectly captured our toxic political landscape.

Hillman Foundation also offers various scholarships. One such prize is the Neilma Sydney Short Story Prize in partnership with Overland magazine; winners receive both publication and $5,000 cash awards in this competition that welcomes writers worldwide regardless of level of education or experience.

Other scholarship opportunities at Dartmouth include the Sidney Scholarship, created to commemorate renowned Dartmouth professor Dr. Sidney Louis Wagman ’51 who died unexpectedly. It provides financial aid to women studying engineering degrees; administered through Women’s Engineering Leadership Program of Dartmouth.

The Sidney Scholarship provides an exceptional way for students to pursue their ambitions of becoming engineers, helping many women realize their ambitions along the way. Furthermore, this Scholarship is open to students with disabilities or from disadvantaged backgrounds as well as being available for purchase.

If you’re applying for the scholarship, make sure that by mid-April your letter of recommendation outlines both your personal and professional background as well as what will it takes for success in engineering. This scholarship is worth $30,000, and may be used towards tuition, books, housing costs and other related expenses. For more information please visit their official website. The committee is sending letters out to Sidney Cox’s friends, seeking contributions that will establish this fund more permanently. Please mail contributions to Professor Harry T. Schultz ’37 at 1 Occom Ridge in Hanover, NH 03750 with checks made payable to Dartmouth College.