The Power of Data Science

Data Science is becoming an increasingly important area, and students must understand its power in order to join it successfully. This unit introduces students to this emerging field through an engaging hands-on project where they learn a programming language and use it to ingestion, combine, and analyse real world datasets. Additionally, SQL database query languages will also be covered along with introduction to data warehousing/OLAP technologies.

Sydney Bramen, 17, will soon graduate high school and enroll at Georgetown University as a business major focusing on data science. But already she has made waves in her industry as one of this year’s youngest featured speakers at Women in Data Science @ Penn.

Data is at the core of modern businesses, providing lifeblood to modern services and the foundation of digital services. At Sydney Data Network (SYD1) we recognize this and offer multi cloud support with quick failover and neutral peering policy for multi cloud strategies – while guaranteeing your customers remain connected even in case of network outages or disruptions.