The Sydney Prize and Other Awards

sidney prize

Sydney Prize is a national award given out annually to students who excel in their studies, honoring a Dartmouth College professor who inspired his students to strive for excellence both academically and personally. Winners not only receive financial benefits from these awards, but they can also garner national recognition leading to greater opportunities for professional success and personal development.

Winners of this prize will receive a gold-plated medal featuring a bas-relief likeness of Sidney Powers and the name of their association on its reverse, to be presented annually at their national conference.

Before applying for any award, it is essential that applicants understand its differences and requirements. Some awards provide substantial funding towards your education while others might only provide several hundred dollars. Furthermore, it’s crucial that they are made aware of each one’s criteria and requirements prior to submitting an application for them.

Other than the highly esteemed Sydney Prize, there are various other awards that can be found throughout the country and around the world, ranging from scholarships to fellowships. Some awards may be more prestigious than others while some aim to promote specific types of research.

Consumer Culture Theory articles that make significant contributions and exhibit unique insight or innovation may qualify for the Levy Award, given annually to articles that show exceptional insight or innovation in terms of both knowledge contribution within CCT itself as well as clarity. Judging will take into account whether CCT helps shape marketing scholarship going forward and clarity compared with contribution. Articles appearing in print in calendar year of submission are eligible and self or colleague nomination is encouraged for consideration of award eligibility.

As in prior years, SHOT presented several notable awards this year. Notable among these was the Joan Cahalin Robinson prize given to graduate students or early career scholars who present for the first time at SHOT’s annual conference; and two newly created awards: Samuel and Rose Tartakow Levinson prize for exhibitions showcasing history of technology; Edelstein prize, given in memory of Sidney Edelstein to books on colorants or dye processes history.

The City of Sydney honors Laureates with its Sydney Peace Prize, recently awarding Nazanin Boniadi for her efforts in turning outrage at Iranian women’s treatment into action to create a fairer and more just world. Lord Mayor Clover Moore applauded Nazanin on her achievements while calling for “no more silence in the face of oppression”. Sydney City Council stands proudly behind Nazanin Boniadi in her endeavors.