The New Personal Data Protection Ordinance (PDPO)

Data hk can provide businesses with vital insights that help improve customer service, make informed strategic decisions and meet legal requirements more easily. In turn, it creates an efficient and effective business environment essential to economic development. Data can be collected from various sources including government agencies or data management services companies; however, to avoid misinformation or any violation of privacy laws.

The PDPO provides that personal data may only be processed for lawful and necessary purposes, using it only in ways which are reasonable or necessary to meet said purpose. Furthermore, storage should be secure and no longer than necessary. In accordance with its provisions, data users are obliged to implement appropriate technical and organisational safeguards against unauthorised access, disclosure, modification loss or destruction – using contractual arrangements or other methods ensure processors comply with its requirements.

Additionally, it prohibits any unwarranted transfer of personal data outside Hong Kong in order to protect its security and foster innovation in the economy. Furthermore, it offers public a way to claim compensation should their rights under PDPO be breached; however, some experts have voiced concerns over potential side-effects of this new legislation; for instance it may restrict sharing medical records between doctors limiting research into disease trends and more effective treatments being done by researchers.

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