How to Win the SG P Prize

sgp prize

The Singapore Global Literary Prize is an esteemed literary award that provides Singapore-based authors an opportunity to get their work recognized and kickstart their writing careers. An important component of Singapore culture, this prize promotes its creative industries while drawing tourists into the city as well as contributing to economic development in Singapore. Awarded for works including fiction, nonfiction poetry and plays this prize is considered one of the world’s prestigious literary awards and has helped many authors find success with their writing careers.

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Since 2014, the Singapore Global Poetry Prize (sgp prize) has become an integral part of Singaporean culture. Acting as an incubator for technological development in Southeast Asia and providing a platform for writers to display their talent, as well as encouraging industries that contribute to Singapore’s economic development; additionally it has fostered cultural development in Singapore while drawing tourists from all around the world – so don’t hesitate to enter today and experience its legacy for yourself!