Singapore Pools’ Digital Transformation With iShine Cloud

singapore pools

Singapore Pools was established in 1968 as a state-owned company offering legal gambling services in Singapore. Their mission is to prevent illegal gambling by working closely with authorities and providing players with an enjoyable gaming experience, as well as combatting new gaming trends that emerge and upholding regulatory standards. Their core values are integrity, innovation and community service.

Singapore Pools goes beyond traditional counter-service based physical channels to offer online and mobile betting options to its users, helping them join, manage accounts, bet online from the convenience of home – supporting charities by using its platforms to raise funds for causes. Singapore Pools’ contribution in supporting its local community during COVID-19 crisis is particularly critical.

Singapore Pools’ digital transformation strategy is intended to keep it at the forefront of new gaming trends, reduce revenue leakage to illegal bookmakers and maintain stringent regulatory standards. Therefore, they require a highly resilient platform capable of handling peak data demand as well as quick troubleshooting during outages or performance degradation.

Singapore Pools uses iShine Cloud as part of their strategy to address this challenge, quickly and efficiently identifying complex issues before they have an adverse effect on customer experiences or business operations. Furthermore, this platform helps identify root cause performance issues so Singapore Pools remains at the top of its game.

Singapore Pools is using iShine Cloud to offer their customers the optimal user experience. This platform has enabled the company to increase user base growth and accelerate adoption of new online and mobile products – thus expanding its market share while simultaneously improving operational efficiencies.

Singapore Pools also offers an EBetSlip mobile app to facilitate betting on sports, TOTO and 4D games from their smartphones. The intuitive features make EBetSlip easy for users to navigate while its secure deposit method provide safe money transactions. Download it today – download for free & make money betting easy.

Singapore Pools’ online betting site is open to Singapore citizens and permanent residents aged 21 or above who meet its age requirements. As a licensed gaming website that holds a WLA Responsible Gaming Framework Level 4 certificate, this company has long been recognized for their responsible gambling approach that has made them one of the country’s trusted brands for over half a century.

Signing up on Singapore Pools’ site offers multiple methods, such as MyInfo with Singpass and an online form. Each option takes 2-5 minutes and requires identity verification; while 10-15 minutes may pass for an online form. Alternatively, Singapore Pools accepts cash payments at its branches as well as mobile app support for iOS and Android devices. You can change login details, password, email address and even add/change bank cards from its settings page of an account as well as change its default language setting.