Hong Kong Pools – The Best Places to Cool Off This Summer

Swimming isn’t only a great summertime activity; it’s also an incredible low-impact workout and the ideal way to de-stress after an exhausting day. Hong Kong boasts many beautiful and fun pools where you can unwind, take a dip or learn the sport – perfect if you want to try swimming for the first time this summer with family or friends. Here are some of the top Hong Kong pools worth trying this season!

As temperatures increase, we look forward to some refreshing swims this summer! Hong Kong boasts some of the most amazing swimming pools around – many are open for public use! For information about public and private pools across Hong Kong, the HK Pools website is an invaluable tool that provides details such as location, hours of operation and other details for each one.

HK Pools’ website is user-friendly, featuring a search function to easily locate your pool of choice. They also have a FAQ page dedicated to answering frequently asked questions as well as a map displaying all their locations along with rules and regulations for each one before visiting.

Swimming pools provide families with an ideal way to exercise together and spend quality time. Most are well-kept with lifeguards on duty for added peace of mind, and provide an opportunity for meeting people and making new friends. In addition to being enjoyable and healthy activities, swimming lessons help children gain confidence while learning how to swim for life!

Hong Kong pools are a favorite summertime activity among both locals and visitors, providing an enjoyable way to cool off during the heat. Indoor and outdoor pools in HK offer both locals and tourists an ideal way to beat the heat; many pools can be found within major shopping centres or malls or hotels, or as stand-ins at hotels. Entrance fees typically range between $1-20 per person for access; additionally you can purchase lockers to store belongings while swimming.

When considering where to live in Hong Kong with your family, take into account swimming pool facilities when selecting your new home. Larger developments with multiple towers typically boast two or more outdoor swimming pools while single tower developments may only offer one small outdoor pool.

Not all Hong Kong pools have yet reopened due to a shortage of lifeguards, as reported by the Hong Kong Government Lifeguards General Union. Nearly half of LCSD public swimming pools will not open fully this week due to staffing problems; instead schools and swimming training institutions may use facilities when lifeguards are unavailable, provided their instructors possess enough lifesaving knowledge.

Hongkong pools range from average to truly stunning; luxury hotels in particular provide some truly impressive options. The W Hotel’s WET, for example, boasts the highest outdoor pool in Victoria Harbour at 692 feet above. This incredible aquatic oasis features earth-tone mosaic walls of butterflies and psychedelic shapes along with an adjoining bar where guests can sip cocktails.