Data SGP

Data SGP is an Indonesian bettor’s daily table used to monitor SGP operation results each day, from toto estimated each day up until Sunday and Monday (excluding Selasa dan Jumat to midnight each Monday).

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The SGP team is currently making progress toward their first goal of collecting or creating multi-proxy sedimentary geochemical data from every Paleozoic Epoch and roughly equivalent 25 Ma Neoproterozoic time slice, including existing geochemical records from multiple sources as well as future experiments planned or underway. To accomplish this task, significant effort has been expended compiling existing geochemical records from diverse sources before adding new ones from ongoing or planned experiments.

SGP has expanded beyond simply collating and standardizing existing geochemical data sets by collecting or producing new shale geochemical data for each Paleozoic Epoch or roughly equivalent time slice in Paleozoic history, such as biomarkers, major and trace metal abundances, lithology features, carbon isotope ratios and carbon isotopic ratios for every Paleozoic Epoch/slice of time slice studied. These will be used to develop models of petrology and lithogenesis integral to understanding shale formation.

The sgpData data set offers an anonymized panel data set representing five years of vertically scaled annual assessment data from 5 years. This exemplar dataset was designed to simulate how data would appear when processed through lower level studentGrowthPercentiles and studentGrowthProjections functions.

By using the sgpData data set, it is possible to compare the relative performance of schools within a district or state across different content areas. This enables districts to easily identify schools that may require extra support in certain areas and identify high performing ones. Teachers can use it to help make decisions about where to focus additional resources to ensure all their students can learn effectively. Furthermore, as new data becomes available it will be continuously added into sgpData data set. If there is a topic you would like us to cover through a vignette, please get in touch. Our experts can work with you to produce a custom visualization and data set for your research project. Please keep in mind that much of our effort goes towards data preparation and analysis, so submitting a request to use sgpData is simply the first step of an extensive process. Obtaining your data in its intended format is key; thus we require submission before requesting visualizations. SGP team will review your data and respond with a timeline for when your visualization will be ready to view. Once created, a link to download data and request for payment of fee will be sent via email; the fee covers data processing and visualization costs for one year only unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand; should you wish to extend your agreement’s term accordingly, an additional charge may apply.