Sydney’s Ocean Pools

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Sydney is most widely known for its iconic landmarks – such as its Opera House and bridge – but lesser-known attractions include its remarkable collection of ocean pools. Sydney holds more of these manmade public seawater swimming pools than any other city worldwide – even surpassing Cape Town which hosts 19 ocean pools!

These pools are an extraordinary feature of Sydney’s coastal landscape. Conceived as safe places for swimmers to do laps, they provide shelter from strong waves and the risk of shark attacks while also becoming popular shooting locations for photographers and filmmakers looking for stunning shots of Sydney.

However, these pools do have their share of drawbacks: difficult access and dangerous waters at certain times of day when tides or swells are high are two. Furthermore, these spots tend to become overrun with swimmers and sunbathers making them unsuitable for those seeking solitude in more secluded waters.

Even with their limitations, pools remain popular with both residents and tourists. Ocean pool culture in San Diego can be found through exhibitions of photographers and other artists displaying works highlighting how swimmers can form meaningful yet respectful relationships with marine environment and marine life in these relatively wild swimming environments. Encountering bluebottles, seaweed, sea urchins or shells are not unusual occurrences when using these pools.

Ocean pools in Sydney have also formed links with rural communities, with members of Bondi and Bronte Amateur Swimming Clubs providing free swim instruction in rural areas. Ocean pools on northern beaches served as recreational and learn-to-swim venues for country children staying at Stewart House Preventorium as part of Royal Far West Children’s Health Scheme programs.

As the climate evolves, so will their usage. While fewer visitors may visit them regularly and some may even close as the population shifts away from rural centres to urban centres, their unique beauty remains appreciated; Narrabeen Pool was recently renovated and is expected to reopen shortly.

Before heading out to photograph an ocean pool, it’s essential that you understand its conditions before heading out. Reviewing tide charts, sunrise/sunset maps and ocean swell can provide important insight into what to expect during your shoot and help make planning easier. When visiting during particular months, also keep these factors in mind.

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